YPTOKEY is your secure, decentralised digital access solution.

Let your users freely and securely control access to vehicles, buildings and more using just a smartphone.

Secure the future of access.

Today’s consumers expect flexible, on-demand products and services while demanding the highest standards of data protection and security. YPTOKEY’s decentralised network provides your users with secure and autonomous digital access that's as easy to share as it is to use. With just their mobile device, individuals can access privately-owned or shared vehicles, buildings and more – streamlining the service economy without requiring a centralised authority in control of personal data. Prepare your business for the future of access by integrating our fast, scalable and low-energy digital infrastructure and participate securely in cross-industry innovation.


  • Identity-based access
    No more juggling and losing keys – our identity-based authentication means only approved individuals are granted access.
  • Flexible and user-centric
    Individuals and service-providers have the autonomy to assign different levels of access to third parties with no hassle.
  • Secure decentralized network
    Using our secure, decentralised network there is no central authority tapping into your or your customers’ data.
  • Trusted collaboration
    Transform access into a lucrative marketplace using our trusted Blockchain ecosystem for cross-industry collaboration and co-innovation.


YPTOKEY’s decentralised network opens the access highway to enable the uniquely tailored offerings that consumers are coming to expect in a service-oriented and user-centric world. With a simple validation process and a secured collaborative network powered by the Blockchain, the possibilities for complementary products and services are limitless.
Access to carshare during pre-booked window
  • Breakfast delivered just prior to scheduled pick-up
  • Access for cleaning and maintenance between bookings
  • Prototype securely delivered to carshare before pick-up time
Access to all approved facilities allows for meeting prep before the staff arrives
  • Lunch delivery granted access to building and meeting room
  • Access for courier service to retrieve prototype
  • Access to meeting room during reservation
Access to the building, individual apartments and shared facilities for residents and approved guests
  • Access for friend to feed the cat
  • Housekeeping service granted access only on Mondays
  • Car has permission to enter the garage and park in its reserved spot


  • Locks and Assets
    • Firmware & hardware
    • Offline & online solutions
  • Mobile Devices
    • Modular SDK for integration
    • White-Label App for individual branding
  • Decentralised Network
    • Interface for local connection to the Blockchain
    • Server operations support if needed

For service providers

Discover new opportunities to provide value for your customers by integrating secure digital access into your offerings. YPTOKEY provides secure access to an ecosystem of connected assets for new business models and service integrations. You can connect your own user database to our decentralized network, giving customers the security and transparency of Blockchain technology and making it easy to share access to the right people within your company at the right time. Our digital access technology allows you to create a flexible user experience for your customers and delight them with new and tailored service solutions around existing products, places and services.

For asset manufacturers

Integrating secure digital access into your assets provides your customers the flexibility and autonomy they demand with easy access using just a smartphone. By connecting to a decentralized access ecosystem, your business is opened to exciting new opportunities for innovation and digital transformation: each asset becomes an open marketplace for service providers and third parties, delivering even further value to your customers and creating a truly tailored user experience. Our secure and transparent Blockchain network means your business – and your data – stays independent of a single authority. Welcome to the future of permissions.


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