The access & security service that brings businesses opportunities and consumers autonomy.



YPTOKEY allows companies to make the most of blockchain technology by granting their customers the independence they want while at the same time establishing an ecosystem of unique products and services that all use the same secure network. Whether for individual vehicles and buildings or for large-scale product lines, there is always a way to become YPTOKEY compatible.


OnE Tool, One Network.

Our straightforward approach lets consumers freely and securely control access to their vehicles, buildings and more using just a smart phone. Thanks to our decentralized blockchain network, individuals can assign different levels of access to third parties with no hassle, no lost keys and no central authority tapping into their data.

As such services become more popular, the blockchain networks that they run on will enable more flexibility for consumers, and countless opportunities for businesses to offer complementary products and services at very low marginal cost.


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Mobile Ready

Our easy-to-use mobile app securely controls the locks on anything you allow it to – either for yourself or for others.

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Efficient Features

Granting and adjusting access to different locks is easy. Thanks to a specially-created identity, users decide who has access to their locks, when they have access and for how long.

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Secure Blockchain

Thanks to blockchain technology, no central authority has access to anyone’s locks or their personal code.

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Reliable Networks

Increase the value of your business by establishing a trusted network that lets you integrate your current offerings into the complementary services and industries of others.

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Flawless Records

Users can easily gain access to their own blockchain-protected record of who uses their locks and when if they want it.

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Regular Updates

We always notify everyone about important security advances and updates as they occur.

B2C: YPTOKEY For Consumers

Securely keep your keychain on the blockchain! Consumers are tired of having to choose between flexibility and security. With YPTOKEY, businesses can give them both. By integrating communications between owner and asset, YPTOKEY makes it possible for everyone to have more autonomy over their security and more freedom to share access to the things most important to them.


B2B: YPTOKEY For Business

As customers continue to buy less hardware and demand more autonomy, companies must respond with useful product ecosystems that address customer needs and build the trust necessary to forge long-term loyalty to the tools that a digital economy requires. By integrating YPTOKEY into your products and services, customers not only get the independence and simplicity they want, but companies acquire the blockchain capacity they need in order to enhance their best offerings with complementary products, services and partner businesses. This in turn creates a reliable network that can transform a standard supply chain into a lucrative marketplace.



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